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Falling in love is one of the most beautiful things that can happen to a person in a lifetime. Since you are reading this there is no denying that you are already in love with each other. And we in Šećerlama|Weddings are in love with what we do. Looking at our work we want you to feel that same emotion, we want you to connect with our style and feel that our photos and videos are right for you. We want you to fall in love with our work. Not for the sake of us feeling special because you like our work, we are aware that not everybody will enjoy and like our films and photos, but because we believe that by really connecting with what we do will lead to you and us being satisfied by the results. Setting expectations in the right way, both by us in Šećerlama and you as a client, is the first step in this journey.

Meet Šećerlama

You connecting with our work is just the first step. Meet us. Get to know us. It is crucial that we connect with each other in order for our films and photos to be able to connect you to those precious moments. You create your memories, we just help you connect with them and save them later on in life. And we feel honored when in such a way we are a part of your memories. Getting to know each other will also help in catching those sincere moments with our cameras, helping you feel yourself around the 3 of us.

What exactly is Šećerlama? We are a wedding photography and videography studio striving for excellence and focused exclusively on documenting weddings in an unobtrusive and honest way. Located in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, we are available for work worldwide. And we know you wanna know, what is Šećerlama? Šećerlama is a type of a traditional lollipop made in Bosnia and Herzegovina it is pronounced Shecherlama with the lama part pronounced as lama the animal or lama in Dalai Lama.


Hi! I am Arnej, the guy behind Šećerlama. I started the whole idea 2 years ago with passion and devotion to bringing wedding memories to life. I am the only photographer in Šećerlama, and I also do all the directing for the wedding films, so you can rest assured that you are getting a coherent package with the same idea going behind the whole concept. We are a team of 3, together with me are Amer and Malik, it is hard to have a big and glorious description of us when we are just 3 ordinary guys. We love what we do, and what we do never feels like a job to us. Finding those sincere and honest moments during your wedding and being able to get a glimpse of your emotions is what fuels us. We try to elevate our work with every wedding, we try to do better every time. Focusing on our own work and not what is trending in the world.

Arnej Misirlić

Owner - Photographer

Malik Kurt


Amer Prevljak



We will never let your most important day be any less important to the three of us

How we work?

We will never let your most important day be any less important to the three of us. We are in the service of your biggest day, not the other way around, so we will never interfere with the wedding, or change your plans. That day is about you, and your guests who you know and love. Moving around unobtrusively helps us catch those sincere moments, and also makes the whole day just about you, not us. All three of us are kind of tech geeks, so we use the most technologicaly advanced equipment. We draw similar influences from different forms of art, and that helps us deliver a package of film and video that is coherent. We make the films and photos in a way that is pleasing to our own eyes, that is why we enjoy doing this so much. We try not to be caught up in chasing trends and mimicking other people, but we are greatly influenced by good art, from music, films, photography, books.

“Even though we are not really fans of posing the photosession with Arnej was a really fun and unforgettable experience. Arnej litteraly immersed himself into our world and recorded the start of our marriage UNDERWATER! Literally. I would warmheartedly recommend Arnej and Šećerlama|Weddings as a photographer who will make amazing professional photos of your wedding and all that in a way that feels like being photographed by a longtime friend.”

- Nataša & Sanjin -11th September, 2016

“An interesting story, we met our friend Arnej on the same day we met our photographer Arnej. We had a beautiful wedding in Dubrovnik, and it actually hit us that Arnej is our photographer, and not just one of our dear guests, only when we received a series of fantastic photos. Arnej’s lens caught event those moments and emotions we were not aware of until we saw them on his photos. A friend, and yet still so professional, spontaneous and unconventional, utterly reliable and punctual. We are not surprised at all that he is one of the most sought after photographers. We wish you a lot of luck and success in the future.”

- Nejra & Denis -2nd April, 2016

“A wedding is the most important and happiest day in the life of two people in love. This particular day is full with emotions and things worth remembering. To capture all those emotions and situations is a very hard and difficult job. Of course, that day is full of chaos and you can’t be sure that everything will be alright. In our case, Šećerlama|Weddings took one worry away. The shooting was great and the result was even better. We are thankful that we can enjoy our wedding photos every time we look at them and feel again the same emotions. I can only say that Šećerlama|Weddings has beaten all of our expectations.”

- Ajla & Emir -27th August, 2016