Honest love deserves honest photography

We always say we are all about honest wedding photography, and in essence we are. But the honesty has to come both from me as a photographer, and the bride and the groom. And boy are Ema and Ermin in love. Usually I try to catch a few of those sincere moments but with these two I was more worried of missing any. Because every step, every touch, every look between them is filled with true love. And being a witness to that is a privilege.

While every photographer has his own style, we are nevertheless constantly under influence. And as a result our style constantly evolves. Working with Ema and Ermin my style took quite a turn, and I am glad it did. They came to me with the idea of just shooting them without posing, which at the time was a lot different from what I was doing. In addition they gave me my complete freedom to shoot them in a way I found interesting. So we worked in a honest way, the backdrop for their love are just random buildings and spots I found interesting for a while, their love is true and my lens has never been so close to the action as this wedding. And for the results, I would like them to speak for themselves. Check out the photos below.

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