Why do we do wedding films?

Motion picture with emotion. One sentence to describe our approach to filming your wedding. Moving pictures that move you. Smile. Our belief that each and every love story is powerful material for a feature film worthy of a Hollywood premiere is what drives us. What makes us go beyond the limits of just recording your wedding, we want to bring you that feature film feeling. The perfect sound. The right song. The good lighting. The colors. The cinematic shots. And the two of you, our stars. Most importantly we want to capture your honest feelings. Smile. Cry. Laugh. Kiss. Love. And we will capture that without you ever feeling that somebody is filming you.

Why do we shoot 4K?

Your emotions are the most important part of your wedding film. But not the only part. We want to deliver you the most technicaly current video. All three of us are sort of tech geeks when it comes to our equipment, but yes we do understand that you might not be, and at this point that 4K might seem as an overkill for you. But ask yourself, are you gonna watch your wedding just this year. Yes, you will religiously show it to all of your friends but your marriage will last for many years to come, and we want your wedding video to last with your marriage. You will be grateful for having your video in 4K when you play it on your 10th anniversary and it still feels up-to-date on your new 4K TV.

How we work?

We listen to your needs and creatively transform them into visual art. Our unobtrusive video approach is vital because it allows for a more intimate filming of the event. Our films are a perfect combination of the artistic mind, high end 4K technology and latest editing techniques which will eventually give you the opportunity to relive your special day again. Working with multiple cameras is a must for a “live event” such as wedding. There is no repeating to get the perfect shot. So having cinematographers you can trust to capture the most important elements of your wedding is very important. And it really is all about trust in creating your perfect wedding film. You trusting us enough to give us your sincere emotions. Working with multiple cameras also enables us to get the perfect shots of the reactions of the people dearest to you as well as yours. Standard part of our shooting style is usage of state-of-the-art aerial drones and camera stabilizers to get those perfect shots.


We strive for excellence. Delivering you the finest, most coherent wedding films. Getting the cinematic shots. Capturing professional audio. And editing all of that into your own feature film memory.

Quick Delivery

We pride ourselves on our ability to create stunning videos in such a short period of time. Years of experience and the quality of the footage work hand-in-hand in enabling our editor to create your unique story as efficiently as possible. We understand your impatience in seeing your wedding film, and that is why we work around the clock to deliver it as soon as possible even during the peak of the wedding season.


Using the most state of the art equipment and most advanced techniques in capturing your biggest day is what sets us appart. Our filmmakers are educated and motivated in creating your memorable wedding film. Always trying to get that one shot that makes a difference. We work on improving our skills and style every day.

All Out

We never hold back in making your wedding film the best possible. We won’t charge extra for any of the equipment we have in stock. You will always have aerial drone shooting, and most advanced cinematic stabilizers and cameras working for the benefit of making your memories transform into your own wedding film. No matter which package you choose, we always go the extra mile for you.


Between us we have over 15 years of experience in video productions of all kinds. And only now have we felt ready to deliver that to wedding cinematography. You can rest assured that you are getting the finest shooting experience. Best practices from music videos, feature films, commercials, and documentary films will be used in creating your wedding film. We believe that our work in different fields gives us a different point of view than most of the other wedding cinematography studios. And we put all that in service of your biggest day.